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Villa Corte

Villa Corte is a wonderful refined residence which dates back to the beginning of the 17th Century. It is right in the middle of the green hills of Romagna in the area of “Castellina”, near by Brisighella.

Brisighella is a very ancient medieval hamlet, rich in history and culture,where still today traditional fancy dress parties recall the past and invite the tourists to enter an ancient world…

The villa is surrounded by a marvellous ancient park where you can see, in the distance, green hills covered with olive trees and different coloured fields, a place where quietness reigns. The charm of the past that you can breathe in Villa Corte makes it an ideal place to organise parties, ceremonies, feasts, and very suggestive and prestigious meetings.

The exclusive versatility of the building allows to carry on many activities and to choose the most appropriate location for the event you want to organise. Its special geographic location allows to exploit all the territory resources.