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Villa Ciardi “già Conti Curtopassi” XVIII sec

Built in the middle of the eighteenth century by the Marquis Jean-Baptiste and Joseph, by Conti and Francesco Ottavio Curtopassi , on the site of an ancient medieval tower in 1500.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century the noblewoman Bisceglie Lucia Caprioli married Count Alonso Alvarez De Toledo, related to the King of Spain and the Counts Curtopassi of Bisceglie, his mother’s side, from whom he inherited the majestic villa.

In the winter of 1940/41, during the conflict Italian/greek , the head of government Mussolini moved for a few days in Bisceglie accompanied by the entire Army, in order to closely follow the steps on the front greek.

The Duce, in the Villa Angelica stood almost halfway between the city and Villa Ciardi, on the left side, while the Army settled into Villa Ciardi, the one and the other on via S. Andrea. This choice was dictated by the fact that the immense park of the villa was equipped with two natural caves with long tunnels that lead to Andria and Corato, so the Duce could easy escape in case of need.