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Museo della Liquirizia

In 1500 the idea of ​​marketing the underground branches of licorice, a plant that grows in abundance in the large estates of the Ionian coast of Calabria. In 1731, to enhance the use of this product, the family Amarelli gives birth to a proto-industrial plant to turn into juice plant roots. This is how the liquorice, black, bright, joy of the children but also for adults who enjoy the pleasures of a healthy and natural life. After three centuries Amarelli, which is part of ‘association’ Les Hénokiens “consists of 40 bicentennial of family businesses around the world, still produces pure licorice and gummy candies, pebbles, chocolates and liqueurs always liquorice. To tell this story, the family opened the Museum of Licorice “George Amarelli”, awarded the “Premio Guggenheim Enterprise & Culture” and celebrated by the Italian Post with a stamp of the series theme “The Italian artistic and cultural heritage”, issued in 3500. 000 copies.

Free Guided Tours on Sunday too.