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Moscatello is located in the art of the Maremma, a vast area in Italy bordering the Tyrrhenian Sea. It was traditionally populated by the Butteri, cattle-breeders who until recently used horses with a distinctive style of saddle. …This is our “Far West”…, Carlo Marchi, the owner of the estate, said in an interview. Just 2 hours from Rome and Florence and 1 hour and half from Pisa and Siena, Moscatello is an area of 1200 acres of protected nature reserve, enjoyed exclusively by the owner and their guests in absolute peace and tranquillity. Moscatello is an oasis of relax and amusement.

The Moscatello’s story has known the Marchi’s family at the end of nineteenth century when the pirite became the par excellence raw material for the production of sulphuric acid. At the end of IX century, Carlo Marchi, a chemical entrepreneur, came here, looking for this mineral and he selected a large piece of land surrounding the Castle of Pia dei Tolomei for his minerary activity. The Castle has been built in the twelfth century and immortalized by Dante Alighieri in the Divine Comedy with the famous verses:

“ricordati di me
che son la Pia:
Siena mi fè, disfecemi Maremma:
salsi colui che ‘nnanellata pria
risposando m’avea con la sua gemma”

which recall the suicide or homicide of poor Pia who has induced to take her life or…worse by her husband Nello Pannochieschi.

Carlo said: “My wife and I are often at Moscatello to open our house to those who are looking for what we found here: silence, space and lots of fun things to do!” such us horse back riding, playing tennis, soccer, having italian cooking lesson, massage…