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Locanda Rosa Rosae

Locanda Rosa Rosae is an ancient converted mill dating back to 1570 situated in the open countryside near Treviso. We discovered it by chance and soon fell in love with it.
Even if it was simply a ruin, it held a magic energy and unique soul. We immediately realised that it had to be saved and most of all – it had to be brought back to its ancient beauty and charm. That’s why we restored it using recycled materials, keeping the windmill’s austere character. We decorated it with antiques found on our travels to France, Morocco, Tunisia, Italy.
For my husband Silvio, the creative architect, four years of hard sacrifice, work and research of the most stimulating and exciting kind. For me, Elisabetta, blending the needs of family and guests, to comforts of the new, with the tradition and authenticity of the past.
The welcoming we devote to our guests each day reflects our love for hospitality.
RosaRosae is an inn, an atmosphere, a door that opens on relaxed and light stays, intense aromas and delicate silences.
We have four bedrooms and a restaurant open at weekends where you can taste genuine dishes of the Venetian tradition rigorously homemade.