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Castello Quistini

Also known as the Palace Porcellaga the surname of the noble Octavian who had it built in 1560 as a fortified residence in lieu of Castle Rovato. It was built in an area where they alternated French and Venetian domination, for this was often home to several military garrisons. During the second half of 1500 was in fact common practice that the nobles were building fortified palaces in the countryside, enclosed by defensive walls to protect them from the many battles of the era. Quistini Castle is one of the last examples of these architectures, and has a wall in the shape of an irregular pentagon with thin walls, but even five towers at the corners and a four-story tower on the inside. For the construction of the stone used was “serene” typical of the area of ​​Lake Iseo (Sarnico stone), with which were built many other buildings and farms of Franciacorta. Although the castle is private, you can visit some of the rooms, including the Sala Grotesque and the Hall, which, with its 150 square meters, is the largest single span hall of Franciacorta.