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Castello Camemi

A fifteenth-century fort, which as well as being a sumptuous summer residence of the Viceroy between 1412-1830, Castello Camemi is now a charming hotel nestled in the hills of Val di Noto, in the heart of eastern Sicily, one of the most fascinating sites of the UNESCO World Heritage. After a long and careful restoration, recovering the original materials and period furnishings, crossing the entrance of the castle is like to take a journey into the past, you will feel dipped in its  irresistible charm. Made on a square plan, on three sides, Castello Camemi features an impressive façade where the aristocratic floor of the house is, it includes a beautiful green courtyard, at the center of which stands a large carob tree.The 14 suites have been individually designed in order to maintain not only the original charm of the castle, but also to offer maximum comfort and privacy.