Why I should enter my locations if I already have a website?
By posting your property on NLM, you will increase a targeted and free traffic to your website of users who are interested in activities sponsored by your business.
TThrough your portal I finally found a perfect location for organizing my bachelor party, having to quantify the various fees, I wanted to know how much are the agency fee that I have to pay?
In order to promote and safegard the privacy of urgency, NLM ensures that the parties there is any kind of brokering fee, so neither thou are looking for, or those who provide the locations will have to pay any fees.
I would like to promote my home country as a location for photographic shoots or video advertising, how do I know if it is suitable for those purposes?
Any place, space, landscape, etc., is considered a locations, then it may be of interest to photographers, filmmakers and more! just think of the number of movie scenes or images that are made entirely on location such as conventional gardens, bars, streets, parking lots etc..
I am the owner of a B&B with a well-stocked wine cellar and a piano bar, I want to publish my locations on your portal I have not yet done so to realize the website are completely fitted out only a few amateur photographs of space, I can enter my locations?
NLM does not distinguish between the locations or the activities that have a website or not. Through the Location Gallery, our users will be able to take a virtual tour of your locations and contact you directly. If the images for quality or size do not meet our standards, we can provide you consultancy services aimed at optimizing the images you have and if you need to build new ones to ensure the best visibility to your location.
We are a young group of five mountain guides, interested to introduce new routes to alpine skiing and cross country skiing, you are interested in evaluating a convention?
To give visibility and promote this type of initiatives, NLM has created a special section “sport & fun” where you can describe and propose the services and activities you mentioned and insert images more engaging and fun that best describe your initiatives. Customers will contact you directly without any cost or brokering on our part.
For my wedding, I am looking for a private villa with swimming pool, how can I update me on all the new locations and banqueting companies that are inserted and work in my area?
By registering to our free newsletter, as well as receiving updates regarding services and the latest locations entered, you will be informed on all the new initiatives. You can also take advantage of favorable conditions when you agree to guided tours, you will take part in the culinary food tours or just when you purchase the products selected by us through the online store.
We are a rental company of luxury and vintage cars for weddings and corporate services, we would like to insert pictures of our vehicles in the weddings and corporate events areas of your portal, how do we proceed?
First thing you need to create your Book Gallery and insert the texts that describe the services you offer and of the particulars necessary for users to contact you. The service is fast, intuitive and free!